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Who We Are

Santa Monicans United is a group of people living and working in Santa Monica who are focused on the quality of life in Santa Monica. We are committed to realigning city governance with community priorities.  We are dedicated to building a better future for Santa Monica.


Santa Monicans United will champion common-sense policies that foster a safer, cleaner, and more affordable Santa Monica for all residents.


Santa Monicans United’s mission is to improve the city we call home, where we live and where we work.  We represent all Santa Monica constituencies. We will influence city policy to improve the lives of all Santa Monicans.

Board of Directors

Leana Greene

Santa Monica Studios

Chief Executive Officer

Russell Belinsky

LB Capital Advisors


Janet Morris


Chief Financial Officer

Ash Oelsen

Conservation Biologist & Environmental Policy Consultant


Advisory Board

Lucian Tudor

Advisory Committee

Global Dining Inc. 

Cheryl Petran

Advisory Committee

Pump Station & Nurtury

Santa Monica Business Owner

Dominique Appleby

Advisory Committee

Fandomodo Films

Gustavo Madero, Esq

Advisory Committee

Madero Legal Group

Mychal Wilson, Esq.

Advisory Committee


Samantha Nugent

Advisory Committee

Real-estate Agent, Compass

Tom Williams

Advisory Committee

Burn Fitness, Owner

Phyllis Nugent

Advisory Committee

Valeria Carriles, Esq

Advisory Committee

Madero Legal Group

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