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4. Protect residential areas from state housing mandates


This is NOT the Santa Monica anyone wants and it is delivers NO community benefits whatsoever!

The state housing mandates are expressly designed to overwhelm cities with market rate housing development, forcing redevelopment of existing neighborhoods in cities like Santa Monica.  This has absolutely nothing to do with decreasing housing costs.  

In fact, this luxury development will actually increase our cost of living!  The influx of higher-income individuals will gradually increase prices while increased taxation required to pay for services and infrastructure will be borne by all residents.  

Quality of life is now declining from congestion driven by densification that was never envisioned in the original city General Plan. 

  • Recognize that the limits of redevelopment include preservation of existing residential neighborhoods.

  • Focus housing planning on densification of boulevards, outside of Neighborhood Commercial areas.

  • Maintain critical commercial infrastructure, especially on city-owned land.

  • Require at least a 1:1 parking to housing unit ratio for new projects, especially 100% affordable housing projects, to meet state and federal laws prohibiting denial of access to opportunity, such as what the elimination of cars.

  • Prohibit the voluntary adoption of SB 10 for Santa Monica.  SB 10 allows up to 10 units per single family parcel within a ½ mile of a major transit stop, which is defined as 1 mile walking distance of a current or future major transit stop.

  • Join with sister cities in opposing these irrational and arbitrary housing mandates.

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