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Make Santa Monica Safe

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Santa Monica police Chief Ramon Batista is fighting an uphill battle. Santa Monica’s Police has only increased by a total of 7 officers in 18 years, even though the metro rail came into Santa Monica in 2016!

According to the city of Santa Monica, 75% of the 807 homeless in the city are addicted to drugs, which means as soon as their drug wears of they’re looking to commit crimes for the next high. It’s no wonder that the City has an epidemic of crimes.

We need to effectively address the correlation between homeless drug addiction and the victimization of the community. We must find a way to get them help which will include drug treatment as well as  mental and physical healthcare, instead of focusing on low-income housing.

Since COVID-19, the  Eviction Moratorium in Santa Monica just ended. The increase in homelessness is NOT due to a lack of low-income housing in our community.

The metro rail and the buses last stop is Santa Monica. Every night when the metro rail and the buses stop running, approximately 60 homeless people get off the train and buses and bed down in Santa Monica. Why is Santa Monica allowing Los Angeles County to do this?

Make Santa Monica Safe

With a crime rate of 51 per one thousand residents, Santa Monica has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes

98% of the communities in California have a lower crime rate than Santa Monica


One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Santa Monica is one in 20.


92% of the 2,439 arrests made in in Santa
Monica in 2022 were non-residents and
homeless. Homeless arrests were 73% of
the non-SM housed total

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Protect the Commercial Districts and Parking Structures.

The Santa Monica City Council made the most incomprehensible, bad decision when they voted to demolish Parking Structure #3 on 4th Street, one of the busiest parking structures that surround the Third Street Promenade. 

Their plan is to build 100 low-income units and 50 units for the homeless, in essence a homeless shelter in the middle of what is supposed to be Santa Monica’s busiest commercial district- making it even harder for the Third Street Promenade to recover.

We need treatment centers, but not in the middle of the downtown.

Now the Santa Monica City Council is talking about  tearing down Parking Structure #1. 

 There were only 6 parking structures that surround the Promenade. Now there are 5.  They want to make it only 4.

We NEED to immediately halt the destruction of commercial infrastructure such as Parking Structure 3 (demolished) and save Parking Structure 1 and the targeted Main Street parking lots as well.


Neighborhood Preservation

  • Preserve neighborhoods and oppose the overdevelopment of non-family housing that increases the cost of living for the community and causes congestion in the city. 

  • Preserve Rent Control with strong rent control protections to ensure housing stability.

  • Create Affordable Homeownership programs. Encourage lower-income residents to achieve financial stability through programs for home ownership.



People got evicted

over three-year eviction Moratorium in Santa Monica which ended in April 2023.

Still there was a spike in homelessness


units has been built between 2021 -2023
in Santa Monica

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