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7. Demand City Fiscal Responsibility

  • Implement policies that ensure the City of Santa Monica spends and invests our taxpayer dollars strategically and responsibly.

  • The City is effectively running deficit budgets, borrowing money from the state to cover it’s unfunded pension liabilities that are now approaching $0.5 billion (~$11,000 per city household).  City policies such as prioritizing all in-house municipal and administrative services (e.g. large legal team) and inconsistent accelerated pension paydowns need to be seriously re-examined.

  • Redirect general fund resources so the Santa Monica Police Department has the resources and staff it needs.  

  • Maintain and open all parks free to the residents in our rapidly densifying city.

  • Demand the City explicitly and transparently consider the cost-of-living impacts on its residents and businesses when considering implementing new policies. 

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